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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Children, Siblings, Parents #1

back_ James, Irene, Ruby, Jennie, Jennie,
 front_ Blaine, Ralph, Rex, Helen, Sharon, Raymon, Jimmy

1946 Jimmy, Sharon, Jennie, Ralph, James, Ray, Helen, Ruby, Jennie
Leah, Raymon, Elsie, George, Georgia, Arthur Mickelson at Parowan
1940 at Mother's ice cream party
1945 Family
1949 James H. Lee Family  
1952 Rex, Raymon, Jim Jr., Helen, Jennie, Ralph, Sharon

Don, Charles, & Frank Woodbury

Agnes & Charles Woodbury

Blaine, Farol, Irene, Ruby, Jennie

Us on way to Utah 1942 & Websters
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Family at 50th Wedding Anniversary

Jim (carrot), Jennie(raindrop), Ruby (rose)


Ida, Rex, Jennie

Blessing of #100 grandchild, Caroline Naylor, for Jim & Jennie Lee

Betty, Nancy, Farol, Connie, Jean

James Horald Lee 

Jennie's Dial-a-date business